What is Modern Svrplvs?

Modern Svrplvs (Surplus) is a product driven brand that focusses on the belief that all items  must have "multi-purpose versatility." our aesthetic is subtle with exceptionally sophisticated features that focus on the user experience. Using only high quality materials, we rigorously test all our products for durability and longevity before releasing. We offer intelligent solution for all your everyday carried products so you can keep your attention towards the things that matter most.

Who are we?

We are a seasoned team of creatives with decades of experience in the apparel and accessory space. Hyper focused on tech and design, we are constantly developing and refining products that give solutions to every day annoyances.

How is the fit?

Our clothing fits true to size. Best rule of thumb is to just go with the sizes you are currently wearing. We offer free exchanges if you ever need to swap out for a different size.

Is the Ultimate Bomber always glowing / how does the reflective work?

No, the bomber isn't always glowing. The reflective only works when a light source is shining light directly onto it and you are behind the light source, the stop sign principle. A stop sign is made of the same microscopic glass spheres as our bomber jacket lining. When you drive and your car's headlights shine onto a stop sign it reflects, giving off that metallic glow. Our jacket works the same exact way. Test it out with you phone, turn the flash on and enjoy.

What color is the camo on the Ultimate Bomber?

The color on version 1.0 is a matte black that reflects iridescent. The 2.0 version is a charcoal grey camo that reflects silver. 

Where do you ship?

We ship to USA & Canada!

How fast do you ship?

We offer free ground shipping within the continental USA on orders of $149.95 and above,  and you can always pay to have your order expedited. 

What is your return policy?

14 days after order is received.

What is your exchange policy?

You can exchange for a different size or product 14 days after order is received.

For more here: https://modernsvrplvs.com/apps/return_prime

How long does it take to get my money back after a return?

Our goal is to make the refund the day after we receive your package back to us, and depending on what option you used to pay with its 1-3 bank days before you have your money after that.